Code Stack, delivering solutions on any platform using the .net framework. Backed by 10 years of experience and knowledge of software development and design

C# Focused

By focusing on C#/.net I have gained a throughout knowledge of the framework and language. independent of the different plaforms that are supported.


By using the right frameworks and api's to solve recurring challenges in software, I can focus on the customer needs and wishes and deliver products faster.

Up to speed

Need some extra hands on a project that is on a tight schedule? I have a nack of understanding code bases fast and can be productive in no time.

Love for solving puzzles

You have strange bugs that are hard to solve? an upgrade that gives you troubles? strugling to move to mobile? Call me i will help you solve your puzzles!

Hire Code Stack when you need software delivered.

You will gain a full stack developer that is:

familiar with in each phase of the software development process.

Aware of security concerns and possible vulnerabilities on each application layer.

Versatile in his skill set.

Comfortable at any layer in the application from front-end to back-end.

enthusiastic team player.

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